STERNGLAS Emblem: More Than Just a Logo

STERNGLAS Emblem: More Than Just a Logo

Ever wondered about the engraving on the crown of our watches? Many of our customers are intrigued by this small detail – today, we're going to unravel the mystery. We call this engraving our emblem, and you'll find it not only on our timepieces but also on our website, in brochures, and much more.

Our logo combines three essential elements that reflect our design and values: the dial, the rotor, and the horizon. Each of these elements holds a special meaning.


The first part of the logo is the classic watch dial with hour and minute hands. This element stands for precision and accuracy, hallmarks of every STERNGLAS timepiece.


The semicircle of a rotor is the second key element of the logo. The rotor is a crucial part of automatic watches, driven by the movement of the wrist. This symbol represents continuous motion and progress, integral to each of our designs.


The third element is the horizon with a rising sun. This symbol embodies new beginnings, hope, and the clarity of minimalist STERNGLAS design. It also reflects our Hamburg roots – a city known as the gateway to the world, famous for its expansive horizons.

These elements together form a logo that is both functional and aesthetic. It's a nod to Bauhaus design – clear, simple, and yet full of meaning. That's what STERNGLAS is all about.

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