Here’s how to care for your leather strap

Here’s how to care for your leather strap

The leather strap of your watch is not only a stylish accessory, but also a delicate natural product that requires regular care. In our blog post, you can find out how to extend the life of your leather strap and when it makes sense to change it.

The natural wear and tear of leather watch straps

It is perfectly normal for the strap to no longer look new after 6-12 months. In the world of watches, it's quite natural that leather straps need to be replaced after a certain period of time. This applies not only to STERNGLAS but to the entire watch industry, including high-end brands.

After all, your timepiece is a constant companion in everyday life and naturally subject to wear and tear. Leather straps, in particular, are susceptible to this as they are constantly in contact with your skin, exposed to sweat and moisture, and stressed by daily wear. The strap may show the first signs of wear after just six months and might need to be replaced after a year.

Simple strap change

The good thing is: changing the straps is super easy! Our watches are equipped with a practical quick-change system that allows you to swap straps at will.

Quality and manufacture of STERNGLAS leather straps

Our leather straps are produced with care and attention to detail in a German factory in the Bavarian Forest. They are made from high-quality materials and are designed to offer you the best comfort and an appealing look. However, as with any natural product, leather is subject to a natural ageing process, especially with daily use.

The nature of leather

If you wear your timepiece every day, the leather strap is exposed to various stresses. Sweat, skin oils, weather conditions and friction can all lead to wear and tear. Everyone is different, so the lifespan of a strap varies from person to person. Just like the shoes you wear every day, the leather strap of your timepiece will also show signs of wear after a certain amount of time.



Care instructions for leather straps

To help you extend the life of your watch strap, we have a few simple care tips for you:

  • Regular cleaning: Clean the strap regularly to remove sweat and dirt. If possible, make sure it does not come into contact with water or chemical substances.
  • Drying: If your leather strap gets wet, allow it to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators, as these can dry out the leather and make it brittle.
  • Gentle cleaning: Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to gently wipe the leather. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents or soaps that could damage the leather.
  • Leather care: Use special leather care products to keep the material supple and protect it.
  • Replacement straps: Replace your leather strap regularly to avoid wear and tear and to give your watch a fresh look.

Further tips

  • Correct storage: When you are not wearing your watch, store it in a dry and cool place. Use a watch box or a soft cloth to protect the leather strap from dust and scratches.
  • Can I wear my leather strap during sports? Leather straps are not ideal for sports activities, as sweat and moisture can wear the material out more quickly. We recommend our special rubber or nylon straps for sporting activities.

Alternatives to the leather strap

Depending on your taste, you can also consider other materials:

  • Metal straps: durable and resistant to wear and moisture.
  • Nylon straps: Breathable and lightweight, perfect for summer or sports activities.
  • Rubber straps: Ideal for active days and resistant to perspiration.

Advantages of changing the strap

Changing your strap not only offers practical advantages, but also allows you to give your timepiece a fresh and individual look. Depending on your outfit and the occasion, you can choose between different straps and thus redesign your watch again and again.

It is important to accept the natural wear and tear of your leather strap as part of its use and to be prepared to replace it regularly. This will keep your watch in top shape and you can enjoy it for many years to come!

Discover our selection of high-quality straps in our online store or at over 450 retailers so that you can continue to enjoy your watch every day.  

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