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The Sternglas story.
From a school job at a renowned watch brand to company founder.

Designed in Hamburg.
We love clear, minimalist design and quality workmanship.

Quality workmanship.
Watches that last over 50 years. How is this possible?

Sternglas Timepieces.

Take a look at all possible combinations

Automatic watches built for 50 years durability

Over the years we collect a lot of memories. Isn't it great to have a faithful companion who is always at our side?
We want your star glass automatic watch to become such a companion for you and to remind you later of all the beautiful moments you experienced together.

Change your strap in 10 seconds - No tools required

What would life be without variety? Of course you don't have to have 50 watches in your collection. Sometimes just a small detail is enough to turn a product into something completely different.

Our straps can be changed in a few seconds without tools. A watch with many faces.

A watch to match any outfit – Change your strap in seconds