Discover Your World: The Hamburg Edition Marine

Discover Your World: The Hamburg Edition Marine

When was the last time you drove without a GPS? A trip to the nearby supermarket or your daily commute doesn’t count. When was the last time you hiked in the wilderness without a GPS? When did you last find a new meeting spot without using Google Maps?

On long journeys, we are often lost without navigation. But today, this technology is conveniently at our fingertips.

At STERNGLAS, we frequently look back at the history of navigation and draw inspiration from traditional instruments.

This is the case with our new limited edition: the Hamburg Edition Marine. After all, a timepiece also provides us with guidance.

Traditional Navigation

Imagine yourself on a sailing ship in the 18th century.

In the middle of the deep, vast ocean.

Without a map, without a compass, and certainly without a smartphone.

The waves crash wildly against the hull. The salty wind whistles through the sails. Before you lies an unknown world waiting to be discovered. There was no internet back then either.

So, what do you do, completely directionless on the high seas in the 18th century?



An Indispensable Tool

What GPS does for us today was accomplished in the past with a groundbreaking invention for maritime navigation – and a bit of mathematics.

The sextant was an indispensable instrument for merchants and captains and is still used today by sailors and astronomers alongside modern technology.

What’s special about the sextant? It allows you to precisely measure the angle between two objects without electricity. For instance, between the sun or a star and a fixed point on land or the horizon.

This way, the captain knows his course, the distance to the coast, and – bringing us back to the subject – the time.

That’s why you’ll find this symbol of traditional navigation and a spirit of adventure engraved in detail on the case back of the Hamburg Edition Marine.



Stylish Companion: The Hamburg Edition Marine

The exclusive design of this limited edition is especially elegant. We wanted to capture the grace and prestige of a naval officer, inspired by the uniform with its iconic golden embellishments and insignia.

The Hamburg Edition Marine is the first model in our popular Hamburg collection to feature a gold-colored stainless steel case. Combined with the deep blue dial, it creates an impressive visual depth, reminiscent of the vast ocean and truly eye-catching.



High-quality materials like scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the reliable Ronda 715 movement ensure durability and precise timekeeping.

Just as the sextant is a reliable guide in seafaring, the Hamburg Edition Marine is a dependable and stylish navigator for urban captains and modern explorers. And with only 999 pieces available, it’s also a coveted collector’s item.

Discover your world. With the Hamburg Edition Marine.



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