22 reasons to own a STERNGLAS

22 reasons to own a STERNGLAS

1. Pure joy every day - for a long time

You will appreciate your timepiece every day as it is a long-lasting quality product. We achieve the high quality by using high-quality & certified materials, such as stainless steel, sapphire glass & of course the high-quality movements.

2. Your watch for every occasion - strap change in 15 sec.

Find your STERNGLAS watch for every occasion and every look! You can combine every strap with every watch: Change your strap in seconds, without any tools. On Instagram you will find over 1,000 possible combinations with the hashtag #sternglas

3. Your watch belongs on your wrist, not in the hidden wall safe!

At STERNGLAS you find your perfect "Daily Rider", a watch that will accompany you to any occasion. With our sapphire glass that comes with an anti-scratch guarantee, it easily withstands the challenges of everyday life. That's a promise.

4. Even impress design connoisseurs - award-winning designer watches in Bauhaus style

All STERNGLAS watches are designed in the timeless Bauhaus design. Did you already know? The STERNGLAS Naos Automatic was recently awarded the internationally recognised IF Design Award.  

5. Real craftsmanship for your wrist

In meticulous manual work assembled for you: mechanical quality movements of MIYOTA and STP run completely without batteries and are driven by your movement. Since their invention, mechanical movements have been considered the epitome of traditional watchmaking art. 

6. No more scratches thanks to sapphire crystal with an anti-scratch guarantee!

All STERNGLAS timepieces are built with sapphire glass and are therefore absolutely scratch- & break-proof compared to the frequently used plexiglass. Guaranteed! For that reason sapphire glass is considered the third hardest transparent material in the world after diamond and moissanite.

7. Readability on first sight

Reduction to the essential: To read the time. STERNGLAS timepieces are designed, above all, for good readability. By using strong contrasts and clear lines.

8. 50% less than luxury brands - with the same quality

Are you looking for a high quality wristwatch at a fair price? According to the watch magazine www.watchtime.net, STERNGLAS timepieces offer "the best value for money", at a fraction of the price of well-known luxury brands.

9. Details that excite you every day anew

At STERNGLAS, you get professionally designed and detailed watches, because every single watch model was developed and processed for a long time. The product development of a timepiece takes up to 24 months from the first draft to the finished product.

10. Built for eternity - save money

With our STERNGLAS timepieces, you save money. Your watch has a particularly low-maintenance movement, while other watches often require expensive overhauls (costs of up to 500 €). Should a fault occur with your watch, it can be easily repaired by the repair service. For this purpose, we keep more than 500 different parts in stock

11. No desire to take risks? The STERNGLAS guarantee

So that you can be on the safe side and convince yourself of the quality of your timepiece, you get a 2-year guarantee! Here you can find our warranty conditions.

12. You are part of the product development - your opinion counts!

Your feedback is fundamentally important, because the active exchange and collection of feedback is part of our product development. In the STERNGLAS friends group on Facebook, with over 2000 members, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with us at any time!

13. Style-conscious at all times

With your STERNGLAS timepiece, you can always be sure that you are showing style, as the classic and minimalist design of your STERNGLAS watch will outlive any trend. The Fratello watch magazine even talks about the perfect timepiece for every occasion.

14. A charming startup from Hamburg

When buying your watch, you can rely on friendly and open communication with real watch enthusiasts. You can expect a young, highly motivated team, which is looking forward to your call and your message. Learn more about the STERNGLAS team.

15. Always on time thanks to the quartz movements from RON

You will always arrive on time and enjoy your quartz watch for a long time, because we only use quartz movements from the traditional Swiss manufacturer RONDA. The family business has been producing movements for renowned watch brands worldwide since 1946.

16. Variety and a fresh wind in a traditional industry

You are supporting a young company and become part of its development. You can actively influence the design of new products. 

17. No success story without hurdles

Are you also a real fighter who always lands on his feet after a setback and tries his best?

Then you feel like STERNGLAS founder Dustin. He had to fight his way through numerous setbacks before he could finally present his first timepiece. But it was worth all the effort, as 2,000 satisfied customers at TrustedShops confirm. 

18. The STERNGLAS quality promise: Save money, nerves & time

You save money, nerves & time due to the certified, high quality materials of your STERNGLAS timepiece. Thanks to the high-quality, you can enjoy your watch for a long time. We only use high quality movements (read more about the movements here). Furthermore, all STERNGLAS watches are equipped with 316L stainless steel, scratch-resistant sapphire glass and are waterproof up to at least 5 bar.

Should something still not be alright, the watch can be opened and checked easily by a watchmaker through the screwed back case.

19. An online shop - As simple as that

Simple and intuitive, and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from wherever you are. Whether German or English - in €, $US or CHF. It adapts to you, just as you like it best. Browse a little and let yourself be inspired. Would you like to have a different watch & strap combination? Everything is possible! Just contact us and together we will put together your dream timepiece. Very uncomplicated.

20. Your timepiece - delivered within 2-3 days to your home. Free of charge

Nobody likes long waiting times - that's why your timepiece will be on its way to you the next working day at the latest. You can be sure that the package will arrive free of charge, quickly and without any plastic. (The shipping is rated with 4,87/5 stars at TrustedShops

21. 30-day satisfaction guarantee + FREE returns

Do you want to try out your timepiece first? Of course! You can test it for 30 days without any risks. If you still want to return it, you can be sure that this is easy and free of charge.

If you need it extra quickly, you can use our optional DHL Express Service for a small extra charge. Orders placed before 12 noon are guaranteed delivery on the next working day

22. Your payment options are unlimited

Whether Paypal, on invoice, or by credit card - at STERNGLAS, you will find the payment provider you trust. You have the choice and are free to decide how and when you want to pay for your new piece of jewellery. For an overview of payment methods click here: https://www.sternglas.com/pages/shipping-payment


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